Aren’t you tired of... not sleeping?

A Guide to Stress-Free Sleep

Tired of having less than a full rested day because of how you slept the night before?

Do you struggle with falling asleep?

Staying asleep?

Or dropping into a deep restful sleep?

How about jet lag?

Or chronic fatigue?

These are all common issues that we experience so frequently in our society. More people are struggling with sleep than ever before. If you struggle with sleep in any way, this course is for YOU!

This is a test

Sleep better.

Feel better.

Live better.

Get better sleep. Tonight.

What you get in this course:

Part 1

All the information you need to know about your body and sleep type:

Videos on the natural rhythms of your body, your nervous system, and how your lifestyle might be impacting your sleep quality

Lectures from sleep experts on WHY you might be struggling with sleep

Information on the impact of good sleep and HOW you can change poor quality sleep

Expert advice on assessing your sleep pattern and how to create sleep routines that work for you


Implementing the change:

Hours of content with a practical guide to better sleep.

Restorative yoga practices

I lead you through a series of restorative yoga practices to balance out your nervous system, restore your body from lost sleep and preparing it for a night of restful sleep.

EFT guides to better rest

Together we will bust through all the blocks keeping you from your best rest. I will lead you through a series of EFT videos specifically designed to bring you the best sleep.

Meditations & acupressure work

I will guide you with meditations to calm the parts of the brain that keep you awake, as well as acupressure points you can use to naturally prepare the body for deep rest.

Restorative yoga practices

Releasing through breath all that holds you back from sleep, while creating sleep pressure in the body to make sure you’re sleepy for a good night’s rest.

Yoga Nidra for sleep pressure

I will guide you into the place of consciousness between being awake and asleep. This will pull the stress right out of your sleep and is so benefitial to deeper sleep.

Are you ready to wake up feeling rested?

Take me with you


Feel supported mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in your daily life everywhere you go.

This course is made to be mobile friendly so I can be there to help you anytime, anywhere.

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