Journal January 2023

Calming Our Anxious Mind

January 2023 | Journal

In this month’s journal series you will bring your anxieties, worries and fears to the table and communicate with them. In feeling them you will begin to learn more about why they appeared in the first place and this will lead you to action and relief.

Journal December 2022


December 2022 | Journal
This month’s prompts will help you assess what triggers you in others and how it can be used to create your higher self.
Journal November 2022

Do Less Attract More

November 2022 | Journal
This month’s journal guide will have you look closely at the correlation between your intuition and alignment in your life. Noticing and becoming aware of patterns will help you make decisions from a confident place and have you trust your process!
Journal October 2022


October 2022 | Journal
In this month’s journal exercise you will be encouraged to find positive possibilities in your life. Training your brain to find positive possibility in situations will strengthen deeply your sense of hope and faith.
Journal September 2022

Consistency Is Key

September 2022 | Journal
This month’s prompt will offer you assistance in getting clear on your CORE values. Keeping your core values close helps you stay consistent in all areas of your life.
Journal August 2022

Unconditional Love

August 2022 | Journal
This month’s journal prompt exercise will allow you to find the humanity in situations that you feel less loving toward. When we are able to connect with others humanity through the lens of compassion and forgiveness, we make unconditional love possible.
Journal June 2022

Doubt Is Your Door

June 2022 | Journal

This month’s journal prompt can be used WITH your audio meditation or on its own. In challenging moments we often WHY is this happening to me? This month’s journal prompt will encourage you instead to ask more purposeful questions that will reap the most meaningful answers.

Journal May 2022


May 2022 | Journal
Your journal prompt will illustrate just how much we naturally crave balance and how that would look in our ideal lives. You are encouraged to replicate this ideal life through mental prime and journaling.
Journal April 2022

be here NOW

April 2022 | Journal
This month’s journal prompt will encourage you to look at the moments in your life where you might often feel like running away. Find safety in the present moment by using these empowering prompts.
Journal March 2022

I Trust My Life

March 2022 | Journal
This month’s journal prompts are  incredibly powerful as you will be guided through the incredibly healing power of prayer. When we offer up our stressors to prayer we take the weight of the world off of our shoulders and can transition into a space of peace. The more you practice this, the better you will feel!
Journal February 2022

Conscious Manifestation

February 2022 | Journal
This month’s journal prompts are designed to get you from a space of doubt about receiving your desires to complete trust by simply committing to feeling joy and appreciation. Follow the steps and watch how quickly you transform!
Journal January 2022

Nurturing the Inner Child

January 2022 | Journal
This month’s journal prompts will help you recognize the inner child through your responses to your triggers. Once you’ve acknowledged this being through your response to the trigger you will then address the inner child directly through your adult resourced self and notice an incredible difference in how you see your trigger and how you will move forward healing it.
Journal December 2021

Healing the Self-Critic

December 2021 | Journal
This month’s journal prompt is highly effective as it will show you why every situation needed to happen exactly as it did - even the ugly ones! You will leave feeling a sense of gratitude for who you were and choosing strongly who you want to be from what you learned from your uncomfortable experience.
Journal November 2021

Releasing Control

November 2021 | Journal
This month’s journal prompt will take whatever area in your life that you are most anxious about and lighten it by having you remember all the ways you have been supported by the universe!
Journal October 2021

Everything Is Just A Moment In Time

October 2021 | Journal
This month’s journal prompt will help you take a triggering situation and find hope, meaning and value within it. It is truly transformational as it releases the burdensome heartache in the situation and creates purpose.
Journal September 2021

Meeting Change

September 2021 | Journal

This month’s journal description will help you see that any shift in your life can offer you possibilities that are positive if you look for them!

Journal August 2021

I Trust This Body

August 2021 | Journal

This month’s journal worksheet includes 3 different exercises for whatever you might be experiencing that will get you aligned with your body and your intuition! I recommend all three just because it feels really beautiful to be connected!

Journal July 2021

The Bravery of Stillness

July 2021 | Journal

In this month’s journal prompt, we play off the biggest grace that comes with stillness! The present moment offers us so much to notice and appreciate, and this is where your writing will begin. 

Journal June 2021

Compassion Vs Everything

June 2021 | Journal

This month’s journal prompt is incredibly useful. I offer a template for a written breakdown of any judgement you may hold, with an opportunity to see the loving reason behind any challenge.

Journal May 2021

Trusting Surrender

May 2021 | Journal

Time to write out everything you want desperately to control. By writing our patterns down we see them and convert them into a seeking of support from the universe!

Journal April 2021

Self Love Always Wins

April 2021 | Journal

This month we start off strong with a two part journaling practice. You can do the morning practice or the even practice, and maybe even both! These practices will help you create a lasting feeling of love in your heart.