Video January 2023

Calming Our Anxious Mind

In this video workshop, you are encouraged to feel safe in the feeling of your anxiety and remember how you can use this uncertain season to reach for who you want to be in your life.

Video December 2022


In the video workshop this month I go through principles of relationships that help you be the BEST of yourself. Foundations in communication, love, and mirror reflecting who you want to be are all very well explained.
Video November 2022

Do Less Attract More

In this month’s video, I will cover a groundwork for safe intuitive listening and getting comfortable with your inner voice. I will then teach you 3 steps to attract more of what you desire in your life by literally doing less!
Video October 2022


In this month’s video workshop we explore why hope is so important and how to keep it close to you. You will feel connected to hope as your conduit for miracles.
Video September 2022

Consistency Is Key

In this month’s video workshop I offer you three tips on how to stay consistent in ANY endeavour you seek.
Video August 2022

Unconditional Love

August 2022 | Video
In this months video workshop, I take the ideals we hold about love and challenge them. We are all capable of unconditionally loving the world around us, but what is it that stands in our way?
Video June 2022

Doubt Is Your Door

June 2022 | Video

In this month’s video workshop + EFT sequence I talk about the desire and temptation of giving up on your faith. I think we’ve all been there! This moment of wanting to give up is an incredible gift as I explain steps on how you can use this as a launching pad into your greatest calling!

Video May 2022


May 2022 | Video
In this month’s video workshop, I discuss the importance of honouring both the material/physical and spiritual world and leave you with a challenge to complete by the end of this month that will help you feel more balanced and at ease in your life.
Video April 2022

be here NOW

April 2022 | Video
In this month’s video workshop we begin to ask ourselves in moments of our lives, are we here? Are we present? And why living in the present moment results in an empowered life.
Video March 2022

I Trust My Life

March 2022 | Video
In this month’s video workshop I will explain the importance of trusting life, trusting in a power greater than ourselves, and finding meaning for peace. I offer you tools to use to make this process one in which you can finally feel relief through, especially in relinquishing a need for control.
Video February 2022

Conscious Manifestation

February 2022 | Video
In this month’s video workshop, I explain the science BEHIND manifestation and how you are always physically, mentally and spiritually co-creating your manifestations into reality. I will also offer you steps to consciously receive your desires as well as what to do when doubt creeps in. You also have at the end of the video an EFT sequence to help you feel empowered in receiving your manifestation.
Video January 2022

Nurturing the Inner Child

January 2022 | Video
In our video workshop, I discuss who our inner child is and why bringing this being to the light is so important! When we acknowledge the presence of this being we can activate what IFS specialists call our adult resourced self to heal the wounds of our past.
Video December 2021

Healing the Self-Critic

December 2021 | Video
This month’s video workshop is fully loaded with why we self-criticize and the impact it has on not only ourselves but also the world around us. I also discuss all the ways that every moment in our lives can be used as a catalyst for becoming who we have always wanted to be. There are tools in this video that will help you interrupt the cycle of self-doubt, regret, and criticism as well as an EFT sequence to help you feel free!
Video November 2021

Releasing Control

November 2021 | Video
In this month’s workshop I start by taking you through why control becomes an addictive pattern, when control can be healthy, and when and why it should sometimes be surrendered. We close our video with an EFT tapping sequence on feeling safe releasing control.
Video October 2021

Everything Is Just A Moment In Time

October 2021 | Video
In this month’s video, I workshop the significance of the challenges in our lives and why they are actually the most valuable experiences we can have, and what to do when we find ourselves in them.
Video September 2021

Meeting Change

September 2021 | Video

In this month’s video I talk to you about the significance of meeting change and all about what that means. We can react or respond and how we deal with change really shapes our experiences! Stay tuned for the end, where we do a tapping sequence on overcoming the challenges of change. 

Video August 2021

I Trust This Body

August 2021 | Video

In this month’s video I discuss the importance of trusting your body and creating a relationship with it that is honest and compassionate. We also go through an EFT sequence in the second half of the video that will help you release any anger or frustration you may feel toward yourself or your experience of your body!

Video July 2021

The Bravery of Stillness

July 2021 | Video

In this month’s video I will workshop all the challenges of stillness and the PAY OFF’s. Why stillness is worth the endeavour and a tapping exercise on embracing all that comes your way!

Video June 2021

Compassion Vs Everything

June 2021 | Video

In this video, I take you through the impact of viewing the world through judgmental eyes and guide you to the freedom and peace of compassion. We close with a tapping practice on breaking down judgment and transforming it into compassion.

Video May 2021

Trusting Surrender

May 2021 | Video

In this month’s video, I talk about what it is like living a life of practicing surrender versus the one I used to live as a control freak! We finish our videos with an emotional freedom technique practice that will leave you feeling safe to release control!

Video April 2021

Self Love Always Wins

April 2021 | Video

In this month’s video, I break down the significance of why a practice of self-love is pivotal to our feeling empowered. We close with an emotional freedom technique sequence that will allow you to connect to your feeling of love!