Living In Alignment | My Commitment To You

My name is Parisa Samet and I am here to teach you all that has helped me live a very meaningful life. My spiritual journey began as a very curious student to the nature of human existence. I pursued philosophy through a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree for six years and still had so many questions. Through life’s trials and tribulations, I found that there was always a voice deep within me that wanted so much for me to be safe, and most of all to thrive, live ease-fully and blissfully. I made it my primary focus to find this voice within and make it louder.

 In doing so I have embarked on a spiritual journey that helped me find this inner voice through modalities like yoga, life coaching, emotional freedom technique, meditations and mindful writing. Finding this inner voice and cranking up its volume has lead me to live my most empowered life, feeling connected, healthy, joyful and deeply loved. 

My mission is to share with you all that I have learned throughout the years about what it means to live an EMPOWERED and MEANINGFUL life.

I am deeply committed to healing traumas, old wounds, and anything standing in the way of living an abundantly empowered, loving, and easeful life. With the time that we have in this life, let’s spend it together, finding and experiencing bliss.

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