Tips For Implementing Love and Joy Into Your New Year

When You Love What You Have, You Have Everything You Need 

Today I wanted to share all the ways my life has significantly shifted and changed in the last year. The year 2019 will forever go down in history as the most impactful year of my life; a year that fostered so much of my growth and change as a woman and a teacher. 

I lost people I love.

I met people I fell deeply in love with.

I restored integrity in lost relationships.

I strengthened existing relationships.

I cried the most.

I yelled the most.

I laughed the most.

I hugged the most.

I wrestled with who I knew myself to be.

I decided to stand for who I wanted to be and began living as and for that woman.

I cleaned up loose ends.

I started to really understand what it meant when my coach and all my self-help books would describe SELF-LOVE.

I felt pride in myself.

I felt joy and fun.


I feel like 2019 gave me A LOT to work with and I finally feel like I have a good enough grip on the lessons I’ve learned. At least enough to share principles that worked as magic tools to feeling good. I promise to give you principles every week  that will help you live your BEST life! Today, I’m going to share with you my favourite principle for living your best life and how you can apply this to wrap up your 2019.

Gratitude: “When you love everything you have, you have everything you need!” This principle has become the MOST significant of my life. I imagine you have read that a grateful life is the best life, but I remember starting to exercise these principles with lots of resistance. I felt like sitting in my bed in the morning thinking on what I feel grateful for didn’t change much in my waking day to day life. However, I began writing a gratitude journal every single morning, before checking my phone or starting my day. I reached for my journal first and expressed gratitude for everything that was taking place in my favour. At first it felt a little forced and tedious, but once I made a habit of it, my daily lists grew longer and longer and it became the highlight of my whole day. This practice became my personal daily prayer, and helped me in so many ways! I saw gratitude everywhere in the world around me. Setting the tone for every beautiful moment I would experience through the day. The ordinary moments in my life, suddenly became extraordinary.

Here’s an exercise I practiced last year before 2019 started and it really helped set an incredible tone for the year. I’ll be doing this one every year and I hope you join me!

Take some time with a pen and paper to recognize and remember every circumstance that took place all year that made you who you are today. I mean EVERYTHING! Every up and every down. For instance, I found myself in a situation this year where I was pushed around, and I felt so low about it. At the time, I tried to blame others for what happened to me, but I quickly remembered that I am responsible for my life and my circumstances. I wrote this situation down on my list and thanked the universe for gifting me this occurrence (that made me cry for days) because it served as a lesson to begin standing up for what I believe in. I made a commitment to stand up for myself thereafter, and I get better and better at it with every opportunity the universe gives me. Remember, everything is an opportunity for growth and love! Be grateful for all of it. Maybe, since we’re entering a new decade you can write out moments in the last ten years that contributed to who you are!

Whichever version you choose, finish your list and reflect on it. Take every point you wrote out and next to it, write out how these situations made you a better person, more of the person you love! Or how these situations can make you a person you will now practice loving every day henceforth! No matter what, engaging in forgiveness becomes easy when we’re grateful for everything. Trust that every situation that was given to you was given to make you the person that you are today. And then write down all the reasons why you LOVE person you are today. And my prayer is that you endeavour to make this list long. Even if it’s challenging. Keep writing. Keep loving. Keep adoring yourself for exactly who you are.

One thing I stand for is helping others live out their most fulfilling, joyous lives and that is why this blog exists. I’ll be talking about life prospering principles in greater depth throughout this coming year, to help you live out your best life. Everything I have learned has lead me to a blissful life and when I am faced with challenges I have a tool belt of techniques that I can use to help me navigate my way to joy again. I honestly don’t think the purpose of life is for all of us to become perfectly peaceful beings who move to the mountains of Tibet and live life like nothing is wrong. I believe the purpose of life is to live meaningfully, practicing loving principles again and again till they become second nature and till the intervals of our stressful, fearful moments get shorter and shorter. With the one chance we have at life, my prayer is for all of us to live as lovingly as possible. May your transition into the new year, the new decade, be easeful, full of gratitude, joy, and love. May you reflect on every situation gifted to you as circumstances that made you the incredible human being that you are today. And without all of these circumstances you would not be perfectly where you are and as you are. Remember always, when you love what you have you have everything you need.

In love and in support,