3 Step Journal Prompt: Get Unstuck & Hear your Intuition TODAY!

It is almost TOO easy sometimes to lose the sound of our own inner voice, and for this reason I am offering you three easy steps to clear the noise and hear your intuition.

You know why we lose our intuitive voice? It's because we make habits out of listening to others and valuing what they say over what we naturally FEEL! 

Now I'm not at all suggesting that you don't take advice if it's offered to you, we love to talk to our friends to get insights that we might have missed, and that's a gift! But as long as we make our decisions from a place that feels aligned for us, that is how we know we are listening to our intuition. 

So, here you have it...three journal prompts that will get you SO honest about the ways you may be blocking your intuition and how to get back on track! 

Is there an area in your life today where you feel like you need to shut out the noise and listen?

Perhaps free write the answer to this question in your journal today just to see what comes up for you. After your free write, close your eyes, take a breath and be still. Be silent & listen. 

What did you hear, what came to you in your stillness? 

Write down what you’ve heard after you've dumped the noise. This is divine guidance, and this is the compass guiding you.

What is your truth in this situation?

Whatever intuitively comes to you here IS your intuitive voice communicating with you! 

Know that you can always drop in to your inner voice after a big noise dump followed by some stillness. You will know that the answer to question number two is your heart calling you with an answer. 

Listening to your own wisdom is truly your superpower! 



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